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My name is Sara Singer Benhnini, Owner and Executive Chef at Sara's Savories.

I was raised in a family where food was a part of our livelihood.  My grandfather owned and operated the first kosher grocery store in Columbus, Ohio, and time and time again our family gathered together and cooked wonderful meals.  My family continues to hold cooking and food close to our hearts and as an important part of our lives.

My family's influence combined with my international background continues to inspire my culinary creations.  I have spent time abroad in Israel, Southeast Asia, Morocco, Europe, and Australia, and have brought back many wonderful recipes. As a student of Anthropology, Archaeology, and Environmental Science, I learned the importance of using local, seasonal ingredients.  In my cooking, I strive to create dishes that combine influence from my experience in other countries with seasonal ingredients .

I sincerely look forward to working with you in the future.


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